Architects in Cooperation and Solidarity

The National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators (CNAPPC) has promoted various actions aimed at enhancing and promoting the experience of architects in the field of cooperation and solidarity in Italy and abroad.

The website, designed and created in collaboration with Cristina Del Piano, illustrates all the services made available by the CNAPPC to encourage the commitment of Italian architects who are dedicated to humanitarian assistance and the development of degraded areas. (video)

Particular attention was paid to the associations that have joined the network of non-profit organizations in the Architects Cooperation and Solidarity with custom tabs that tell the story as well as bring contacts and useful links for further details.

Another important chapter concerns the traveling exhibition organized by the CNAPPC. The showcase presents the commitment of non-profit associations and organizations constituted by architects or mainly by architects and interdisciplinary profiles. The exhibition consists of 37 panels 120×80 format and is curated by Valentina Piscitelli.

The site, in its complexity and extent, uses a minimal and homogeneous graphics that, using the poetry and elegance of black and white to ensure a long and exhaustive navigation.