Brizzi Wholesale Distribution

Brizzi Wholesale Distribution has been a distributor of traditional and digital printing media for over 40 years. Brizzi Wholesale Distribution was founded in Rome in 1974. The activity is concentrated from the outset in the distribution of printing papers in the Roman market. Today it also distributes printers and materials for pre and post press.

A dry website. A catalog of products easy to consult for people in the printing sector. The website is divided into three macro areas:

  • Visual Communication that collects the new materials to decorate the different surfaces;
  • Graphic Arts with a huge selection of cards;
  • Technology that offers printers, software and products for post-print.

To complete the communication a section dedicated to the Company, a blog of News and a page for Contacts with directions for the three locations of the company. The basic colors are the green and black of the Brizzi Wholesale Distribution logo, present on the market since 1974, flanked by an acid green to give brightness to the titles.

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