Considerations on the role of science in the work and thought of Dante by scholars of sciences and humanities. The event was streamed live on the Sapienza University of Rome YouTube channel.

Sapienza University of Rome, H2CU and the Sapienza Foundation have asked us for a landing page to tell and make known one of the most important events in the context of the celebrations for the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri.
The conference, divided into two sessions, dealt in the morning with the relationship between Dante and the Sciences of the Quadrivium (Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy and Music) and in the afternoon was introduced the Danteum project designed by the architect Giuseppe Terragni.

The result is a “horizontal onepage” website that runs horizontally as on the wall of an exhibition to illustrate the intentions of the event and the numerous interventions of distinguished humanists and scientists. When the mouse passes over the gray boxes of the interventions, an explanatory image of the subject dealt with appears. The site is completed by a form to write to those responsible for the conference and a photo gallery.

We sincerely thank Prof. Eugenio Gadio, president of the Rome Foundation, and Prof. Beatrice Vallone, director of H2CU, for the kind words about our work at the end of their speeches.

The links to see or review the videos of the two sessions are available on the dantequadrivio.it website
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