Prometeus MSCA RISE

The aim of the Prometeus Consortium is to provide high-quality multidisciplinary knowledge through training and research on membrane protein and protein complexes as molecular tools for drug development and theranostics.

The focus of the action is the creation of a synergistic pipeline to yield target membrane protein structure-function characterization and bioactive molecule design, harnessing the complementary skills from Academic and SME participants.

A website with warm colors that evoke the fire of the gods given to men by Prometheus, the titan friend of humanity and progress. In the background, stylized membranes move around the logo, transforming the letters into proteins.

On the homepage the incipit of the Mission and the Project with a button that refers to the pages of in-depth analysis. Following the logos of the prestigious participants in this project Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Union’s H2020 – MSCA RISE.

Among the in-depth pages a detailed timeline that will be updated constantly to allow users to follow all the developments of the project and another that describes the participating institutions and how they will interact with the studies of membrane proteins (video). Closes a page of contacts with a world map showing the locations of the participants in the two continents.

Discover the logo we designed for the Prometeus MSCA RISE Consortium.