TEATRO CARCANO (theater in Milan, Italy)

The Carcano Theater has been an open house for two hundred and fourteen years. A place for meetings, exchanges, opportunities and collective emotions. A house called theater.

We designed and built a website that would make it easy to access all the information that theater has to give its audience. A Homepage with all the plays divided by kind, news and directions to reach the Carcano Theater. Readability is assisted by a menu that facilitates the scrolling of the page.

In a second menu we have included all the information for those who want to deepen the knowledge about the history and activities of the Carcano Theater that being a contemporary art center is also engaged in the production of shows and offers programming for schools according to the stage of growth of the student.

A colorful and imaginative website to “fill the eyes of words, the throat of sighs for love and the heart will make six thousand flips.” (quote Dario Fo – video)

Discover the logo we designed for the Carcano Thater.