On The Road – Blog

On The Road is Mariagrazia De Luca’s Blog. Born in Rome some thirty years ago in the last five he lived in the most amazing island on the planet, Manhattan. The Harlem district, where she ended up casually on her first trip to New York, became “home”.

In her Blog Mariagrazia tells her stories with one foot in Italy and the other on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. There are stories written in Italian or English according to the inspiration and therefore not translatable. We have therefore created two distinct areas where she can publish stories in different languages. By the time she would also like to add posts in Spanish, another very talked language in New York, especially in Harlem. (video)

On the website you will also find short stories telling the vicissitudes of Roberto the Corsair of Manhattan, a South American deliverer who with his bicycle crosses New York to make deliveries between 34th and 50th Street, and the adventures of Amerigo crossing the border with Mexico to embrace the American dream that so much a dream is not. Another section, the only one translated in both languages, illustrates her latest project SAILOR, a screenplay that lives on two tiers: the Second World War in extermination camps and New York today.

Visit the website: mariagraziadeluca.com