X-Probe (Innovative Training Network) creates close interdisciplinary collaboration between structural biologists, physical chemists, beamline engineers, software developers, and industrial partners.

For X-Probe we designed the logo and designed the web portal, which opens with a rich homepage that introduces the many functions of X-Probe. The site presents all network teams, scientific projects and the results obtained. Other sections include update courses and News. In Contacts, we have included an interactive map of all project partners, addresses, and contact links in addition to a form to send email directly from the website.

The website has a Private User and Password Protected Area with distinct areas for PI (Principal Investigators) and ESR (Early Stage Researchers) where those accredited will be able to read and download files. PI and ESR can also include text and files on the above pages.

The portal has become a point of reference for protein researchers. Proteins are a very important source for understanding the human structure and finding new drugs and new treatments. (To learn more about protein structure: video-RCSBProteinDataBank)

Discover the logo we designed for X-Probe.